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  • Do you work alone or in a team at weddings?

    I almost always work in a team and unless the event is really intimate, with minimal travel and few guests, I always advise the bride and groom to choose to have two photographers during their event.

  • Do you travel for work outside Calabria?

    Of course yes, this is perhaps the part I love most about my job, travelling.

  • Do you also make videos?

    Not directly but I advise my spouses to choose among the videographers with whom I have been collaborating for the longest time and with whom I share style and approach to weddings.

  • How soon will you deliver the photo shoot to us?

    I know how beautiful and important it is to receive your photos early, which is why I try to commit myself to delivering the files within 30 days of the event, just enough time for the post-production of all the images.

  • Should we take care of the location for the photos?

    We will think about it together! For me, being a photographer also means accompanying you in the choices to make all the moments that we are going to capture magical.

  • In case of a wedding outside Calabria, why choose you?

    I am absolutely in love with Calabria, the land where I live, but I am also an extremely curious person who loves to travel. This is why the idea of ​​being able to discover new places thanks to my work charges me even more and you will find this passion of mine in your shots.

  • Will we meet before the wedding?

    Getting to know each other before this day is very important to break the ice and avoid embarrassment in front of the camera. It will be a pleasure to be able to meet in person or organize a video call, if you like.

  • How long will you stay at the wedding?

    We'll be with you from the start of the preparations to the end of the wedding. For me it is essential to be able to capture every moment of your special day. You will still be free to choose how long we will stay with you at the wedding according to your needs.